Load Balancer Panel

Load balancing ensures availability and scalability by allowing you to spread traffic across multiple VMs in your cloud cluster. This allows you to add additional infrastructure redundancy and capacity between VMs, thus improving performance and resilience. Your cloud's load balancing is powered by LoadBalancer.org, a leading provider of the technology.

You can create and manage your load balancers in just a few clicks on the easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage graphical control panel. There are two load balancing options:

  • Load balancer clusters - with this option, you specify which VMs will participate in the load balancer cluster. Incoming traffic is distributed between all VMs in the cluster. This enhances availability by ensuring that if one VM fails, traffic is automatically routed to another in the cluster. You can add and remove cluster VMs as you need.
  • Autoscaling Clusters - With this option, autoscaling increases or decreases your VM capacity by automatically adding or removing VMs to a cluster.

    This enhances performance and scalability as the cluster is scaled based on rules you specify in your control panel.