Unlimited Virtual Machine (VM) Creation

Virtual Machines (VMs) are completely isolated guest systems installed within a host system. VMs are based on templates and are deployed on hypervisors. Hypervisors give them access to CPU, disk and network resources. Because of the isolated nature of VMs, they are an effective and efficient way to emulate multiple computers without requiring all the space and hardware, and the isolation ensures that applications and services that run within a VM cannot interfere with other VMs. In other words, your test and development VM will not interfere with your mission critical application or your e-commerce VM.

With DevHost, you can create as many VMs as you wish within the resource capability of your hosting plan. Each VM can be created based on a selection of templates and desired resources such as RAM, disk, etc. In addition, VMs can easily be moved, copied and reassigned between servers to optimize hardware resource utilization. If additional resources are needed for a VM, you can easily scale its resources right on your DevHost control panel.